Advantages of PM stepper motors

Advantages of PM stepper motors

PM stepper Motors have been widely used in today’s society, especially today when our country is committed to the development of new energy vehicles, which means that the future development trend of automobiles will inevitably develop towards pure electric vehicles. For pure electric vehicles, we have to mention the PM stepper motor, because the motor has a simple structure, lower production and processing costs, and due to technical reasons, the motor can run more reliably. Next, I will introduce the advantages of PM stepper motors in these aspects.

What are the specific advantages of PM stepper motors?

1. Ultra-high-speed motor

The product has a simple structure and no heat source in the magnetic field, so no cooling device is required. And due to the higher coercivity of the material, the speed and operating efficiency can be improved during the operation.

2. High torque and high power motor

Heat resistance and high magnetic strength mainly depend on the successful research and development of neodymium iron boron materials. It is precisely because of the successful research and development of this material that PM stepping motors achieve high power. Moreover, the current demand for high-power motors is still increasing, and the application range of PM stepping motors will increase even more in the future.

3. High function

In places with high temperatures and confined spaces, traditional Electric Motors usually cannot function. PM stepping motor has excellent high temperature resistance and small size, which can meet the requirements of various special environments. Especially for motors required in special environments, such as aerospace equipment and semiconductors, permanent magnet synchronous motors can meet the needs of these fields.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of PM stepper motors. At present, my country is paying more and more attention to environmental protection, and the demand for high-performance motors in various industries is increasing. The market demand for PM stepping motors has also increased. Understand the performance of this product, so that everyone can choose the right motor in future production.


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